Creative Commons-Licentie Batch Box Rocket by Peter van den Berg 
is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license

This website is meant to be a central information resource of what is called the Batch Box Rocket, sometimes Rocket Batch Box or RBB. In U.S. English forums sometimes also referred to as PvdB BBR (since my full name is Peter van den Berg). It is a device to combust wood with high efficiency and minimal pollution, the core of a modern wood-burning stove so to speak.

Four chapters have been produced at this time.
The first chapter "Workings" is about how it works.
The second chapter "Building" is on how to build it.
The third chapter "Designs" is about several combustion chamber designs.
The fourth chapter "Applications" is about how it can be applied for heating a house or workshop.

The development of this thing is a story in itself. During development the progress was published on the Rocket Stove Forum and a lot of people delivered contributions, great or small. Credits are given in the text where relevant.

Even the original idea came from someone else, Lasse Holmes from Homer, Alaska. What I've done is taking the concept further, developed and optimized. Incidentally, Lasse's idea is based on work I had done before. For reference, see the topic about this development on the US Rocket Stoves Forum. Lasse Holmes is writing under the pseudonym "canyon".

As a whole, the design is open source, anyone who want to is free to build it for themselves or commercially. There are no other rights to the design than attribution to the designer and contributions by third parties must be distributed under the same Creative Commons license as the original.

Editing of the translated text, corrections and sometimes completely re-writing by Terry Jones from Sydney, Australia.

Have fun with this description,

Peter van den Berg

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